We can’t coexist?…’Holland and I have synergy!’

Julian Alvarez opens up about his partnership with Elling Holland.

Last season, Manchester City brought in two new strikers. The absence of Sergio Aguero was keenly felt. They brought in Alvarez, who had emerged as one of the top prospects in the Argentine league, and Holland, who had been touted as the “next Ballon d’Or” after stints at Salzburg and Dortmund.

Naturally, a competition was set up. With City only utilizing one striker, it seemed impossible for Alvarez and Holland to coexist. In fact, until the mid-to-late part of the season, it was Holland who was the first-choice striker, with Alvarez as his backup.

But even in that situation, Alvarez thrived in his role, showing a different style to Holland’s with his work rate, range of motion, and tactical versatility. Sometimes he played as a right winger, sometimes as a second striker. At other times, he partnered with Holland up front.

The results were successful. Alvarez proved that it was possible to ‘coexist’ with Holland without overlapping movements. In 2022-23, his tally was 17 goals and 5 assists in 49 games, including cup competitions. Despite his limited opportunities, he performed at a high level. 토토사이트

This season, he has become the new ‘partner’ of Ake Holland. With Kevin De Bruyne injured, Alvarez has established himself as the second striker. To date, he has seven goals and five assists in 16 appearances, including cup competitions. He has emerged as the new ‘core’ of City.

Alvarez has turned concerns and worries into confidence. Opened up about his partnership with Holland. According to the Manchester Evening News, he said, “There was a lot of speculation about whether Holland and I could play together or not. We’ve shown this season that we can. In fact, we did last season. Every time we played together, we scored goals and made assists. I am happy with his achievements.”

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