‘Unknown PS’ WC Series Game 1, underdog 3 teams win

A baseball-like performance unfolded where even the last-place team could record a .400 winning percentage. In the first game of the Wild Card Series, the three underdog teams defeated the three top dog teams.

The Major League began its postseason schedule, which lasts about a month, starting with Game 1 of the wild card series between the two major leagues on the 4th (Korean time).

Before the game, the wild card series was expected to be won by the Tampa Bay Rays, Toronto Blue Jays, Milwaukee Brewers, and Philadelphia Phillies.

The US MLB Network predicted Tampa Bay 64% – Texas Rangers 36%, Toronto Blue Jays 71% – Minnesota Twins 29%, Milwaukee Brewers 62% – Arizona Diamondbacks 38%, Philadelphia Phillies 74% – Miami Marlins 26%.

However, as a result of the first game, the three top dog teams except Philadelphia lost. Tampa Bay has 99 wins in the regular season, Toronto is ahead regardless of the regular season results, and Milwaukee is ahead in the first game starting matchup.

The Wild Card Series is a best-of-three, ultra-short game. Therefore, winning the first game is more important than anything else. In the first game of this wild card series, the three top dog teams bowed out.

First, Texas won 4-0 over Tampa Bay thanks to the overwhelming pitching of starting pitcher Jordan Montgomery. The Tampa Bay batting line did nothing.

Minnesota then won the postseason for the first time in 19 years thanks to Royce Lewis’ consecutive home runs. It ended the nightmare of 18 consecutive postseason losses.

Also, Pablo Lopez, who started as Minnesota’s starting pitcher, allowed one run in 5 2/3 innings, proving why he was a trade target for batting leader Luis Arraez.

In the case of Arizona, despite having a significant disadvantage in the starting matchup, they won the first game thanks to Corbin Carroll’s home run and Evan Longoria’s super catch.

Arizona, which has not yet used Jack Gallen and Meryl Kelly, and Milwaukee, which has left Brandon Woodruff. This would never be the scenario Milwaukee imagined.스포츠토토

Philadelphia was the only team to take the first game as expected before the start of the postseason. Thanks to starting pitcher Jack Wheeler’s good pitching, they defeated the Miami Marlins.

Philadelphia is said to not fall behind no matter which team they face because they have Wheeler-Aaron Nola in the starting lineup and Bryce Harper in the batting lineup.

The eight teams participating in the Wild Card Series will now play the second and third games on the 4th and 5th. Afterwards, they advance to the Division Series (DS) and face off against the top team in each district.

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