Tottenham wants to reinforce MF… If Hojbjerg leaves, ‘concrete’ moves will be made

If Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg leaves the team, Tottenham Hotspur plans to pursue the recruitment of Conor Gallagher.

British media outlet Kurt Offside said, “Tottenham is considering recruiting a center back and midfielder in January. If Hojbjerg leaves the club, Tottenham and chairman Daniel Levy will make specific moves to recruit Gallagher.”

Tottenham made active changes this summer. Everything has changed, from the coach to the players. ‘Ace’ Harry Kane, who had supported the team for a long time, left the team, and Lucas Moura and Harry Winks also wore different uniforms. Hugo Lloris, who had been in charge of the team longer than Kane, also lost his position.

Numerous players joined to fill their vacancies. The main characters are James Madison, Mickey van der Ven, Manor Solomon, Guglielmo Vicario, and Brennan Johnson. Destiny Udogi, who was on loan, was also included in Tottenham’s first team this season.

Changes in the squad naturally affected the standing of existing players. It didn’t matter what kind of performance I had done so far. Coach Enze Postecoglou created the best 11 according to his own taste, and because of this, there were players who lost their standing at an instant.

Hojbjerg is the main character. Hojbjerg, who played a key role in Tottenham’s midfield until last season, was completely pushed out of the competition for the starting role this season. Coach Postekoglou formed the midfield with Yves Bissouma and Pape Mata Sarr. Hojbjerg has appeared in five league games this season, but has only played 78 minutes.

He was also linked to transfer rumors this summer. Atletico Madrid consistently targeted him, and Fulham, who expected Joao Palinha to leave, also selected Hojbjerg as his replacement. Although the transfer did not take place, if the current situation continues, there is a strong possibility that Hojbjerg will leave the team as early as January.카지노사이트

If Hojbjerg leaves, Tottenham plans to recruit his replacement. His leading candidate is Chelsea’s Gallagher. Chelsea also went through huge changes to their squad this summer. Gallagher was also listed as a candidate for sale, but ultimately remained with the team. Of course, that does not guarantee a solid position. There is still a possibility of Gallagher’s transfer.

Tottenham also pursued the recruitment of Gallagher last summer. At the time, Tottenham selected him as Hojbjerg’s replacement and planned to make an official offer as soon as Hojbjerg left the team. However, Hojbjerg did not leave the team and Tottenham’s offer for Gallagher did not materialize.

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