Toronto fades when facing aces, problems exposed against Yankees

While the team has a good chance of making the postseason, the problems are more pronounced as they look beyond that. The Toronto Blue Jays’ problems were on full display against the New York Yankees.

Toronto fell to 0-6 against the Yankees at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada, on April 28. The offense struggled throughout the game, unable to capitalize on Yankees starter Gerrit Cole. The Toronto offense managed just two hits through nine innings. In the end, they fell victim to Cole’s complete game shutout. Toronto fell into a two-game losing streak.

The bats have gone cold for Toronto. While the Jays were able to hit for power in the three-game series against Tampa Bay, it was a different story against the Yankees. Even in the first game of the series, on April 27, Toronto couldn’t get past Yankees starters Michael King, Johnny Brito, and Clay Holmes. They had three hits and six walks, but couldn’t convert them into runs.

It was more of the same in the 28th. Even if Cole was in his best form of the season, he shouldn’t have lost in such a blowout. Only Brandon Belt did his part, going 2-for-3 with a double. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bissett were silent, as were the hitters who were supposed to be the difference makers., the official website of Major League Baseball, also criticized Toronto’s bats. “Toronto had one of the most impressive sweeps of the year, winning the series against Tampa Bay. But they dropped two games in a row against the Yankees.”

“At home against the Yankees at Rogers Centre, Toronto’s bats struggled against their ace pitcher. The Jays’ biggest weakness was exposed,” he said.

Toronto manager John Schneider is well aware. “We’ve faced some really good pitching the last two days,” he said. I’m aware of that, but we’ve got Chris Bassett tomorrow (Sept. 29). We’re going to try to win. The guys are going to play to win.”

With a two-game losing streak, Toronto’s record is 87-71 for a .551 winning percentage. They are second in the wild card standings. They need to finish in the top three in the wild card to make the postseason. Toronto is 0.5 games ahead of third-place Houston. Clearly, the potential for postseason spending is high.

But the Jays aren’t just looking to make the postseason; they’re looking for more. In the short-term, they’ll face a series of ace pitchers, and if their offense can’t get going, they won’t win. Even if a solid Toronto pitching staff can shut down an opposing offense, it won’t be as effective without run support.

As notes, “It’s important to give credit to the pitching staff. But you have to find a way to win in the postseason.”먹튀검증

There’s nothing like a home run to set the tone of a game. Toronto is loaded with hitters who can hit for power, but it hasn’t been there this season. Toronto’s 180 team home runs in 2023 ranked 18th out of 30 teams in the majors. That compares to seventh in 2022 (200) and first in 2021 (262). If the Jays can’t smash home runs, they’ll need to be cohesive at every opportunity. As put it, “Toronto needs to be more organized on offense. That way, they can be more effective.”

Schneider added, “Every time you play in the postseason, especially at the end of the season, you’re going to face really good pitching. You have to put pressure on them by getting on base and getting hits, like we did in Tampa Bay. I think we’re going to have to capitalize on that.”

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