‘Starbucks retirement’ WSH, the first win price ‘8.75 million dollars per inning’

Is it enough for the first win? Or is it harsh? Steven Strasburg (35) has retired with $105 million remaining on his contract.

USA Today and others reported on the 25th (Korean time) that Strasburg would end his playing career. He doesn’t appear to have been able to overcome his lingering injuries.

In addition, Strasburg will hold a press conference on his retirement on September 10 (September 9, US local time) at Nationals Park, home of the Washington Nationals.

The problem is that Strasburg has not performed well even once after signing a 7-year, $245 million contract. He also has a 3-year, $105 million contract left.

Strasburg threw just 31 1/3 innings for three years from the 2020 season to last year. During this period, he went 1-4 with an earned run average of 6.89.

In other words, Strasburg will receive about $8.75 million per inning with a seven-year contract signed after the 2019 season. It’s a number that can’t help but be surprised.

Washington won its first championship in 2019. After that, he signed an unreasonable contract with Strasburg, who became the World Series MVP.메이저놀이터

Since then, Strasburg has not performed as well as many expected. The cost of winning the first championship was 7 years and 245 million dollars.

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