Samsung Electronics SSIT Takes a Step Toward the Top

We focused on the basics and put them into practice. They put their faith and trust in each other and came together as a team.

Samsung Electronics SSIT defeated Hankook Tire 77-53 in the Division 1 preliminary round of the 2023 The K Workplace Basketball League ( at a gymnasium near Gwanak-gu in Seoul on Wednesday, led by 23 points and five rebounds, including three three-pointers, and supported by Han Jae-young (14 points, five assists, three rebounds, two three-pointers) and Kim Kwan-sik (11 points, seven rebounds, three assists).

Samsung SSIT could clinch a spot in the finals with a win today. They pushed their opponents hard from the start. Jeon Hyun-jung led the way. He hit one shot after another from outside the three-point line and used his penetrating ability to score. It’s important to note that he didn’t rely on his individual skills, but rather on teamwork, such as taking screens and finding openings. Kim Min-sang, Hwang In-geun, and Kwak Nam-hyuk provided support from the inside and outside.

Hankook Tire didn’t stand still. Lim Min-wook attacked the defense from the perimeter and Park Jung-yeop from the three-point line and midrange. Park Jung-yeop, in particular, seemed to take advantage of his increased shooting range from the midrange area, knocking down two three-pointers in the first quarter alone. Kim Jung-seob and Seo Ho joined in on the rebounds, and Jung Hak-jae made passes in sync with his teammates’ moves.

The tense atmosphere didn’t last long. In the second quarter, Samsung SSIT took over. Their long passing game worked well. They were constantly moving in search of openings and shooting boldly. Kim Kwan-sik defended under the basket with Kwak Nam-hyuk and Kim Min-sang, and participated in fast breaks to increase the score. Han Jae-young took control of the game, hitting three-pointers, while Cho Nam-joo used his breakthrough ability to shake up the defense.

Hankook Tire brought in Shin Dong-hoon and Kim Sang-min from the bench to face the offense head-on. Kim Sung-seob and Park Jung-yup dug relentlessly into the gaps, and Lim Min-wook delivered timely passes. However, that was it. They were blocked by the opponent’s dense defense and missed their shots. In addition, the team struggled to close the gap due to a series of mistakes.

In the second half, Samsung Electronics SSIT stepped up their game. Jeon Hyun-jung, who took a break in the second quarter, stepped up once again. He scored 13 points in the third quarter alone, hitting shots from the midrange and knocking down three-pointers. Han Jae-young, Kim Min-sang, and Hwang In-geun were active in the fast break, while Park Byung-joon, Kim Kwan-sik, and Kwak Nam-hyuk showed their unselfishness and teamwork.

Hankook Tire tried to open up the lane with Lim Min-wook actively attacking. Kim Jeong-seop made a big play under the basket, and Shin Dong-hoon hit a shot from the midrange. However, it wasn’t enough. It should have been accompanied by a shot, but the throw went off the rim. Kim Dong-ok, who was on the bench due to injury, fiddled with his card, but he showed faith and trust in the players on the court and encouraged them to take care of themselves.

In the fourth quarter, Samsung SSIT took the lead. Kwak Nam-hyuk and Hwang In-geun created space through high-low plays, while Cho Nam-joo, Kim Kwan-sik, Han Jae-young, and Kim Min-sang shook up the defense with their fast breaks. Hankook Tire poured in 10 points in the fourth quarter, led by Lim Min-wook, while Kim Jung-seop, Shin Dong-hoon, and Park Jung-yup chipped in, but there was too little time to close the gap. For Samsung SSIT, Han Jae-young and Jeon Hyun-jung scored back-to-back points to drive a wedge into the game.

Samsung SSIT’s Han Jae-young was named the Infuse MATCH MVP of the game, as he led his team to victory with 14 points, five assists, and three rebounds, including two three-pointers. “I took a wrong turn today and arrived at the stadium around the second quarter. I apologized to my teammates for being late,” he said, adding, “As soon as I entered the game in the second quarter, I saw Reading. I found a space and passed the ball, and everyone was in good shooting shape, so we were able to win the game through our shooting-oriented game management.”

Samsung Life SSIT’s dominance on the day was due to their teamwork, which was based on rebounding and passing. “We have the advantage under the basket, so let’s rely on that and play the game. Even if the shot doesn’t go in, we’ll get the rebound, so I tried to throw it confidently,” he said. “Today, (Kim) Kwan-sik played a great role as a guard in the forward line and a middle leg in the center line. I’ve been trying to hold the center, and I was able to boost the morale with hustle plays that didn’t spare my body,” he added, giving a thumbs-up to his teammates.

“Kwak Nam-hyuk is a good passer, so he comes to the high post and passes to the open teammates. His passing is so good, and with Kim Min-sang, who joined the tournament, in the empty low-post, there are more derivative plays such as the high-low pattern.” “We practice the high-low pattern a lot in team training, but it doesn’t come out much during games. However, if we refine the details as much as we have trained, I think we will score a lot of goals from this pattern.”카지노사이트

Encouragingly, the team did not show any signs of slackness, which has been criticized as a weakness. “As the gap widened, we were trying to save ourselves from getting injured, so I think we can overcome it if we keep our minds focused on defense,” he said. “Especially when we played against strong teams, there were a lot of situations where we lost the momentum as our physical strength was exhausted. We need to fix that, and it’s a process we’re working on.”

With the win, Samsung SSIT secured the top spot in the Division 1 qualifiers and a spot in the finals. “Honestly, I think it would be fun to play against Gyeonggi National Police Agency, but they haven’t won since I joined. “As I mentioned earlier, there are moments during the game when we suddenly run out of energy due to lack of concentration, and we will work on this area to improve. Also, we’ve been working on a new 3-2 zone defense lately, and we’ll work on the details to make it work well, and if I’m greedy individually, it affects teamwork. The team is more important than me,” he said of his championship aspirations.

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