No drone filming against Singapore! Korea Football Association-Mapo Police Station “Infringement of broadcast copyright, punishable by relevant laws”

Drone filming is strictly prohibited this time around.

Drones will be strictly prohibited from flying and filming inside and outside the stadium for the Singapore match of the 2026 FIFA North American Football Confederation (NAFCON) Asia Second Qualifying Round at the Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul on June 16.

“In accordance with the Aviation Safety Act and FIFA regulations, drone flights inside and outside the stadium will be strictly prohibited in this match,” the Korea Football Association said after a meeting with FIFA officials on Friday.

The Sangam World Cup Stadium is a restricted airspace where the use of drones is prohibited in principle under the Aviation Safety Act, and in particular, this match is a World Cup qualifying match and a FIFA-organized match, so FIFA regulations must be followed.
Unauthorized drone flights and filming are prohibited as they can seriously disrupt the safety of players and the operation of the game. The KFA and the Mapo Police Department in Seoul also discussed the issue at a meeting on stadium safety and decided to take strict action. 보스토토

“Any unauthorized use of drones during matches or infringement of broadcasting copyrights through drone filming will be punishable under relevant laws,” said the KFA and the Mapo Police Department, adding, “No soccer fan should be harmed by flying a drone in a stadium out of curiosity.

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