‘Multi-goal’ Joo Min-gyu “Expecting 0.1% selection for the national team… Team winning is more important than the top scorer”

 Ulsan Hyundai striker Joo Min-gyu, who started scoring after a month, hinted that he did not give up hope of being selected for the national team.

Ju Min-gyu scored consecutive goals in the 18th and 23rd minutes of the second half against FC Seoul in the 28th round of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 27th, and succeeded in scoring in a month. His multi-goal is only about three months.

Joo Min-gyu, who appeared at the press conference after the game, said, “I thought this match was very important, but it’s a pity that we couldn’t win.”

In response to a reporter’s question about how it felt to score multiple goals in three months, Joo Min-gyu said, “If you’re a striker, if you don’t score a goal, you get stressed out and impatient.” I think. (But) coach Hong Myung-bo told me to think comfortably before the game, so I was psychologically stable.”

Then, when asked if the competition for the top scorer is reigniting with only 10 league games left, Joo Min-gyu said, “As I have been saying all season, winning this year is more important than the individual title of top scorer. I think winning the team will be more joyous.” .

Before the player interview, when coach Hong Myung-bo said that it would be difficult to adapt to the rhythm of playing one game and resting one game, Ju Min-gyu said, “I didn’t say that, but that pattern is very difficult. Martin Adam is actually a player who has to play every game, and (I do) I can’t adapt to this pattern. I am in the process of thinking about how to prepare and growing.”메이저놀이터

On the 28th, when asked if he had any expectations for selection ahead of the announcement of the national team list for A match in September, he said, “Honestly, I am expecting 0.1%, but I have been hurt a lot in this area before, so I put my mind down. It is important to fill in the missing parts and grow with a good team coach and players.”

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