Man Utd midfielder transfer saga comes to a screeching halt: ‘I’m worried about his price tag and glass body’

Real Sociedad have suddenly taken a step back.

Spanish outlet Mundo Deportivo reported on Sunday (Feb. 2) that “the club is considering pulling out of the signing of Donny van der Beek due to the high transfer fee and injury concerns.”

Van der Vaart joined Manchester United from Ajax in 2020. The Red Devils spent €39 million on his signing, labeling him as the future of the club.

The expectations were high, but the disappointment was also high. Van der Beek never quite settled in at United. His first season was a disappointing one, with just one goal and two assists in all competitions.

Last season was no different. Despite being reunited with manager Eric ten Haag, with whom he had a priestly relationship at Ajax, he suffered another setback with a knee injury.

His future at United is unclear. United are considering selling some of their players, including van der Beek, to raise funds for new signings this summer.

Sociedad was one of the teams that showed interest in van der Vaick. They wanted to sign van der Beek to fill the void left by David Silva’s sudden retirement.

Negotiations did not go well. According to the report, Sociedad felt that the amount of money required to sign Van der Vaart was too much.

Van der Vaart’s injury history was also an issue. At United alone, van der Vaart missed 52 games due to injury. Signing a player with such a high injury rate would be a risky proposition for Sociedad.

The deal is not completely off the table. “The club are willing to reopen talks if United lower their financial demands,” the outlet said.안전놀이터

Worries about his fitness have also eased somewhat. Van der Vaart has shown flashes of resurgence in pre-season this summer, scoring against Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid.

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