Little Kim Ra Kyung dreams of being a female baseball player, Sun Ju Ha Yang dreams of being a female baseball player

The Park Chan-ho Youth Baseball Camp brings together youth who are serious about baseball.

The camp, which runs for two days and one night from the 28th, has the only female participant. The main character is Seon Ju-ha (12) from Sejong City Youth. She didn’t immediately stand out among the male players, but Team Leader Pung Young-hoon, who was in charge of organizing the camp, introduced her by saying, “A female player also participated.” He also said, “I used to play for Seongdong-gu Rangers. “This is the second female player after Park Min-seo, who used to play for the Seongdong-gu Little Team,” he explained.

In contrast to Park Min-seo’s lively personality, Sun Joo-ha, who remained relatively quiet, said, “I usually play for the Sejong City youth team and practice with the women’s baseball team on weekends.” She shared the story of a girl who quietly continues to pursue her baseball dream.토토사이트

She also talked about how she fell in love with baseball, saying, “I watched and admired Kim Ra-kyung and Park Min-seo,” and demonstrated her passion for the sport by saying, “I’ve played every position except catcher,” which is different from her gender.

“I still don’t know what I’m going to talk about when I meet Park Chan-ho and other active players,” he said, “but I want to learn as much as I can here,” and showed a slight smile. It was the first smile he had seen since joining the camp.

At the Park Chan-ho Youth Camp, there was also an enthusiastic baseball girl who traveled all the way from Sejong City.

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