Lee Shin-young, the first queen of World 3 Cushion Survival… 3rd place in Klompenhauer

Women’s World 3 Cushion Survival wins 52 points on the night of the 19th.
Choi Bom-yi, 3rd, Klompenhauer, 4th, Park Jung-hyun
Klompenhauer lost to Choi Bom-yi in a penalty shootout
Three of the four players recorded one-point averages

South Korea’s oldest 3-cushion player, Lee Shin-young, topped the newly created Women’s World 3-Cushion Survival. The reigning World Women’s 3-Cushion Champion, Klompenhauer, had to settle for third place after a thrilling shootout.

Korea’s No. 2 Lee Shin-young (Chungnam Billiards Federation) topped the Women’s World 3 Cushion Survival final at the Vita500 Coliseum in Jamsil, Seoul on Monday night with 52 points. Lee, who won the Goseong County Scavenger Hunt in Gyeongnam earlier this month, also took the title in the newly created World 3 Cushion Survival Women’s Division.

Second place went to Choi Bom-i (Soongsil University, 40 points), third to Teresa Klompenhauer (Netherlands, 40 points) and fourth to Park Jung-hyun (Seoul Billiards Federation, 28 points).

Lee Shin-young, the inaugural winner of the Women’s World 3 Cushion Survival, gives a thumbs up with the trophy.

Klompenhauer congratulates Lee on her victory after the final.
The final was a high-level affair, with three of the four players recording a one-point average.

Choi Bom-i dominated the first half of the match. She scored six runs in the 5th-7th innings (totaling 18 points) to finish the first half with 28 points. She was followed by Lee Shin-young (24), Klompenhauer (20), and Park Jung-hyun (8).

However, the game changed dramatically in the second half. (20 points in the second half)

Lee Shin-young, who took the ‘first ball’, scored three runs in the first inning and quickly moved to the top of the leaderboard with 51 points, ahead of Klompenhauer and Choi Bom-yi (43 points).

After a quiet first half, Klompenhauer’s offense started to come alive, and she overtook Lee by four runs in the fourth inning with 50 points. Choi Bom-i, on the other hand, struggled in the second half of the game and dropped to third place (38 points in five innings), while Park Jung-hyun (16 points) continued to struggle.

Women’s World 3 Cushion Survival podium finishers (from left) Klompenhauer (3rd), Lee Shin-young (winner), Choi Bom-i (2nd), and Park Jung-hyun (4th).

Choi Bom-i scored four runs in the fifth inning (12 points) to move back into second place with 49 points, four points behind leader Lee Shin-young (53 points). Klompenhauer, who dropped to third, struggled to get going in the rest of the game, with a series of difficult placements.

Lee Shin-young maintained a steady one-run lead in the closing stages (innings 5-9) to stay within striking distance of second place. Choi Bom-i scored two runs in the seventh inning (6 points) to close the gap to 50 points, but was unable to close the gap any further.

After the final 11 overs, Lee secured the win with 52 points. Choi Bom-i and Klompenhauer, who finished with 40 points apiece, settled for second place with Choi winning the shootout 1:0. In fourth place was Park Jung-hyun with 20 points.

The final averages were 1.200 for Lee Shin-young, 1.050 for Choi Bom-i Klompenhauer, and 0.900 for Park Jung-hyun.메이저놀이터

Meanwhile, 32 players competed in the Women’s World 3 Cushion Survival, with nine qualifiers and 10 players, including Klompenhauer, playing a nine-match pool league, with the top four advancing to the final.

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