‘Late 7 of 9’…Gangwon FC’s back door to the penalty spot after doing well

When Park Sang-hyuk scored the first goal in the 37th minute of the second half and the scoreboard showed 45 minutes, it looked like the long-awaited first win was on the way. However, once again, the lack of depth in the defense was exposed and an equalizer was conceded, denying Gangwon FC ‘Yoon Jeong-hwanho’ its first win since its inception.

Kangwon, led by Yoon Jeong-hwan, drew 1-1 with Jeju United in the 25th round of the K League 1 on June 6 at Jeju World Cup Stadium.

Yoon, who took over for Choi Yong-soo, who resigned in June due to poor results, has been winless (5 draws, 3 losses) in eight official matches, including the FA Cup, since his arrival. In their last five games, they have drawn four and lost one.

After making a change from his predecessor’s three-back to an attack-oriented system, Yoon pulled out the four-back card against Jeju, looking for his first win. The team scored the first goal against Jeju despite the tense game, but it was the defense’s sloppy play that held them back. In second-half stoppage time, Kim Jin-ho overextended his foot and conceded a penalty after failing to read Hayes’ movements on a long ball. He ended up conceding the equalizer to Hayes, robbing the team of a crucial victory.

Gangwon has now lost eight games this season after scoring the first goal. Especially in the second half, the defense has been conceding goals due to a lack of concentration.

Since Yoon’s arrival, Gangwon have conceded nine goals in eight games, including the FA Cup. Seven of them came in the second half, all after the so-called “second 20 minutes” of stoppage time. There were also four concedes in the ’35th minute’ with 10 minutes of regular time remaining.

Coach Yoon spoke to us the day after the Jeju game, saying, “I could see the will of the players. However, conceding goals in the last minute means that the players themselves need to improve.”

With eight games left in the regular season, Gangwon is at the bottom of the table (12th) with 2 wins, 11 draws and 12 losses (17 points), which is a direct relegation. They are one point behind 11th-place Suwon Samsung (18 points).

They have three home games in August, but continue to face tough opponents. After hosting league leaders Ulsan Hyundai on the 12th, the team will host Suwon FC, currently 10th (23 points) and also looking to escape the relegation zone, in a guillotine match on the 19th. On the 26th, they will face the league’s second-place Pohang Steelers.메이저놀이터

Coach Yoon said, “We will prepare by communicating more to strengthen the back of the defense. Fortunately, our new foreign players (in the attacking area), Wellington and Gabriel, are integrating well into the team.” In addition to stabilizing the defense, the biggest challenge for the rest of the season will be to fill the void left by striker Yang Hyun-joon, who joined Celtic this summer.

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