Houston Baker retires at the end of 26 years as a leader… becomes the first black manager to win 2,000 games

Manager Dusty Baker (74), who led the Houston Astros, leaves the dugout.

Houston held a press conference for Coach Baker’s retirement on the 27th (Korean time). He said, “I would like to thank owner Jim Crane for giving me the opportunity to lead Houston for the past four years,” adding, “It has probably been the fastest four years of my life. “I hope Houston continues to do well,” he said.짱구카지노 도메인

Coach Baker, who began his leadership career with the San Francisco Giants in 1993, later went on to coach the Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, and Washington Nationals before taking charge of Houston. Last year, he gave Houston a World Series championship ring.

Coach Baker left behind a total of 2,183 wins during his 26-year tenure. He ranked 7th for the most wins among American Major League (MLB) managers and became the first black manager to reach 2,000 wins in the big leagues. He has been voted Coach of the Year three times and is the only coach to win district championships with five different teams.

Coach Baker, born in 1949, is dreaming of another baseball career. He said, “Let’s meet again next time,” and his next destination is predicted to be a club advisor.

Houston owner Crane expressed his respect, saying, “Coach Baker came to the team when we needed help and did a great job. He did a fantastic job and the records speak for themselves.” He said, “I will miss Coach Baker. He is a great person and friend, and I want to say thank you.”

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