‘Full-fledged joining’ Lee Kang-in: “I’m sorry and excited”

After joining Hwang Sun-hong, Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain-PSG) thanked his teammates for doing a good job without him.

Lee was interviewed ahead of the team’s training session at the Jinhua Sports Center Stadium auxiliary pitch in Zhejiang, China, on Wednesday.

Lee, who was a late arrival due to the team’s schedule, was only able to watch the first and second group games against Kuwait and Thailand. “I’m proud, I’m very happy,” he said, and gave a thumbs-up to his teammates for their performance.

Lee, who moved to PSG this season, was named in the final roster for the Asian Games. He had reportedly agreed with his former club in Mallorca to be sent to the Asian Games, but his move to PSG marked a new phase in his career.

Hwang Sun-hong expressed his frustration with the situation. “PSG was supposed to give me an answer by the 13th, but there was no reply,” he said on the 14th. “It would be nice to have him for one or two games in the group stage,” Hwang said, “but if he joins us after the tournament, there could be many situations. It’s frustrating because we can’t make a game plan until we know when he will join us.”

“PSG seems to have a lot of conditions,” Hwang said, explaining that it could be the group stage of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup. “I hope the talks go well and they join us soon.”

Fortunately for PSG, the club has withdrawn its Asian Cup prerequisite. They agreed to send Lee after their UEFA Champions League (UCL) match against Borussia Dortmund on Sept. 20 (KST).

“On the 13th, we received an email from PSG stating that they would allow Lee to be sent to the Asian Games, subject to the rescheduling of the Asian Cup,” the association said. “We discussed with PSG until late at night on the 14th and finally received an official response from PSG stating that they would allow Lee to join the national team without any other preconditions,” the association said on Friday.

After suffering a leg injury, Lee made an uneventful comeback against Dortmund as planned. He came on as a second-half substitute and played 10 minutes. He then traveled to Hangzhou and watched from the stands against Thailand on Nov. 21.

“I felt very sorry for my teammates,” Lee said, “and I’m excited to be able to join the team.” “We’ll talk a lot and try our best to coordinate well and get a good result,” he said.레고토토

“It’s always the same,” he said of his injured leg, adding that it’s important to get up to speed with his teammates sooner rather than later. “It’s been a while since I’ve played with my teammates, so we need to communicate as much as possible,” he said.

Lee was also spotted talking to Hwang before the game against Thailand. “We talked about the team,” he said, “me and the team are going in one direction, one goal. We talked about the best way to achieve that goal.”

“The coach will put me in the position he wants me to play,” Lee said of the need to adapt quickly, adding, “I have older brothers, friends, and younger siblings now, so we have to work together and try to get good results.”

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