‘Cup MVP’ Alize Johnson says he’ll propose to his girlfriend if he succeeds in Korea

‘Super team’ Busan KCC has a new engine. Alize Johnson (28, KCC) is the MVP of the Cup.

Johnson is a familiar face to NBA fans: He was selected by the Indiana Pacers with the 50th overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft. After bouncing around Brooklyn, Chicago, Washington, and New Orleans, “Journeyman” Johnson never quite found a home in the NBA. After playing in the G League since 2022, he eventually chose the KBL as his first overseas league.

At 6-foot-2 and athletic, Johnson is a classic forward. After joining KCC, Johnson took advantage of Lagana’s inconsistency to become a starter. In the Cup, Johnson was a force to be reckoned with. In the quarterfinals against KT, Johnson exploded for 40 points, setting a new record for most points in a single game in the Cup. In the finals, Johnson poured in 24 points, 12 rebounds, and five assists against Hyundai Mobis, earning him MVP honors.

When asked about his MVP award, Johnson said, “I want to thank my teammates. They made me feel comfortable. This is my first time overseas, and they made me feel comfortable and came to my house. My girlfriend also makes me feel comfortable,” he said.

KCC head coach Jeon Chang-jin said, “It’s okay for a young friend to be overseas for the first time. When I pointed out that he was hitting too hard, he said, ‘I want to be a hero with an exciting game. He’s 100% receptive to the coaching staff and his fitness is good. He just needs to be more aggressive in the future.”

Johnson bears a physical resemblance to NBA star Jimmy Butler. He has a different style, but he’s just as athletic. When asked about his resemblance to Butler, Johnson said, “Even in the U.S., when I was in college, people said I looked like Butler. It’s nice to be compared to such a good player. It’s not just the face, it’s the body. I’m just trying to play my game. If there’s anything similar to Butler, it’s that I want to win. It’s nice to be called that in Korea,” he laughed.토토사이트

Johnson actually has a history with Butler. “I was invited to Butler’s L.A. home to meet him before the NBA Draft. He taught me how to adjust to the NBA as a rookie and continue my career. He has a great personality.”

Johnson has another reason to play hard in Korea. It’s his girlfriend, GEGE. When asked by a reporter to introduce his girlfriend, Johnson said, “My girlfriend is making sacrifices to come to Korea with me. I want to get married in the future,” Johnson said, making a surprise confession.

He asked his girlfriend if she agreed with him, and she was surprised and said, “Me too,” and accepted the proposal.

Journalists also voted Johnson the MVP of the tournament. After returning from the national team, Ragan is not feeling well. Choi Jun-yong was also diagnosed with a four-week injury to his adductor muscle. It is no exaggeration to say that KCC’s performance will depend on Johnson’s performance.

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