A ‘sobered’ Cezarjo sees potential with two ‘no’s’

0-3→1-3→2-3. The Korean women’s volleyball team, led by Cesar Hernández González, dropped its first three matches of the Paris 2024 Olympic Qualification in Łódź, Poland. They were unable to secure a victory in three matches against European powerhouses. Their chances of qualifying for the Olympic Games were slim. But there were glimmers of hope. They played better in the second game than the first and in the third game than the second.

In the first match against Italy on the 17th (KST), they lost the set score 0-3. They were unable to overcome the height disadvantage and were outplayed in both offense and defense. It was a different story in the second game against the home team Poland on the 18th. They came out organized and bullied the Poles. They even managed to take a set before losing. In the third game against Germany on the 19th, they were even better. They lost the first and second sets but didn’t give up. She took the third and fourth sets to force the final set. Although they dropped the fifth set, they performed well with a variety of attacks and solid defense.

He made two ‘gimme’s’ (lost but fought well). In fact, up to this point, Cesar has received failing grades for both results and content. In the 2022 and 2023 Volleyball Nations League (VNL), they lost 12 matches in a row. He finished sixth at the 2023 Asian Championships, which preceded this tournament. It was the first time they failed to make the top four at the Asian Championships.

South Korea was expected to struggle in the Olympic qualifiers, as it has become a small player on the Asian stage. Ranked 36th in the world and at the bottom of Group C, it was widely expected that the team would fail to win a single game, let alone qualify for the Olympic Games. After losing their first three matches, they were right, but their performance and mood told a different story.스포츠토토

The team was still unable to overcome a high deficit and suffered three losses. However, our offense has improved and our defense has become more solid. The best part is that the players are giving it their all, fighting to the end and winning sets. The will and determination of the players is the driving force behind their improved performance against the European powerhouses.

Korea will face the United States on the 20th. It will be interesting to see if Cesarho can continue his good work against the Americans, who are considered the strongest team in Group C.

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