PBA’s Frederick Kudrong to play in European team competition on Sept. 24

After retiring from the domestic professional billiards league, the PBA, Frederic Cudron, 53, is back on the international stage.

According to Kozoom, a French multimedia company specializing in billiards, the Frenchman has been named to the roster of teams competing in the Kozoom League, a premier club league in the Netherlands, starting on April 24.

The tournament is sponsored by Kozoom and is a 12-team European team competition, featuring international powerhouses such as world No. 1 Dick Jaspers (Netherlands) and Eddie Mars (Belgium). Last year, S.I.S Schoonmaak, which includes Yaspers and Eddie Max, won the title.

“As the defending champions, S.I.S Schoonmaak will be counting on World No. 1 Dick Yaspers to play more this year,” said Kozum. “In addition, Frederik Kudrong has returned from Dallinga in the Netherlands to compete in the league.”

Kudrong’s exact schedule and availability for the European league has yet to be finalized. According to the International Billiards Federation (UMB), the Belgian national has until October 31 to complete his suspension if he leaves the PBA. However, Kudrong’s home country, the Belgian Billiards Federation, is reportedly not in favor of the UMB’s policy.

In addition, Kudrong withdrew from the Belgian Billiards Federation when he moved to the PBA in the 2019-20 season and is not a member of the European Billiards Confederation (CEB), which follows the UMB’s policy, so he is not expected to be restricted from playing in the Dutch league.

Previously, Frederick Kudrong, who played in the PBA for about five seasons as the captain of Welcome Savings Bank, left the domestic league in July when he announced the breakdown of negotiations on the terms of his contract to play in the PBA Tour and Team League. The news of Kudrong’s departure came as a disappointment to many billiards fans, as he was a huge part of the PBA’s box office.스포츠토토

Kudrong’s last PBA appearance was in the 2nd Individual Tour (Silk Road Ansan Championship) on the 10th of the same month. Kudrong won the championship, but left the country after a civilian man, Mr. A, impersonating the manager of Throng Piabi (Blue One Resort), entered the press conference room without permission and started an altercation, as well as a failed contract with sponsor Kimchi Billiards (CEO Kim Jong-yul).

Meanwhile, the first round of the KOZUM League will kick off on April 24 at 1 p.m. local time (8 p.m. KST). The competition will be streamed live on the official KOZUM site.

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