‘King of Cod’ Sejingya battles with Kang Tongji, fractures ribs and is out…”Don’t blame the other player”

‘King of Daegu’ Sejingya has suffered an injury just as the team is set to compete for the final spot in the season.

Daegu announced the news of Sejingya’s injury on its official social networking service (SNS) on April 1.

“Sejingya was substituted out in the 29th round of the K League 1 home game against Gangwon after colliding with an opponent,” Daegu said. “He was taken to a nearby hospital in Gopdaro and was diagnosed with a fracture of the 7th and 8th . We ask for a lot of encouragement and support from our fans so that Sejingya can recover.”메이저놀이터

Sejingya, who started the home match at DGB Daegu Bank Park, scored in the 13th minute after penetrating and catching a long pass from Hong Chul and powerfully slotting it over the goalkeeper’s head from no angle.

Just before the end of the first half, Sejingya was pushed down in a contest for an aerial ball with Kang Touji downfield. In the process, Kang Touji also lost his balance and fell, his foot pressing into Sejingya’s body. Sejingya fell to the ground with great pain in his ribs, and Kang Tuzhi grabbed his foot.

Sejingya was taken to the bench for treatment and tried to get on the ground before the end of the first half. However, he collapsed back onto the field and asked to be substituted. He was immediately taken to the hospital for a checkup.

After the match, Sejingya said on his social networking service, “Thank you to everyone who sent me messages of affection and concern. I’m feeling fine right now, and I’ll be back with a 100% recovery,” he said.

“I would like to make a request. Please don’t criticize my opponent or use abusive words, because he has apologized countless times and I don’t believe he had any intention of hurting me. Thank you for your support and I will come back healthy,” he added.

Sejingya is Daegu’s legendary foreign player who has been playing for the club for eight seasons since the 2016 season. He was part of Daegu’s promotion to the K League 1 in 2016 and helped the team win the FA Cup in 2018, making history for the club.

In the 2023 season, Sejingya has continued his strong play. In 23 league games, he has eight goals and five assists. In 196 career K League 1 games, he has 77 goals and 50 assists.

Meanwhile, Daegu suffered a setback in their race for the final round when their ace, Sejingya, was sidelined with an injury. Daegu currently sits in fifth place (10 wins, 11 draws, 8 losses, 41 points from 29 games) and is looking to qualify for Final A, as well as the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League next season in 2024/25.

Daegu will be without Sejingya, who suffered a fractured rib, for four regular-season games. Daegu will host Suwon Samsung (A), Pohang Steelers (H), Jeonbuk Hyundai (A), and Suwon FC (H) in Round 30.

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